"DEAR GOD WHAT'S IN THAT JAR?!" is something people will say a lot if you plan on infusing your salts. It's an easy process, much like that time you made rock candy in science class. Another question you might be asking yourself is, 'why?' Well I'll tell you why, imagine you're eating a piece of salted caramel, good right? Now imagine that salt was infused with coffee! Now that imaginary piece of candy is like 4 times as good right? It's a way to incorporate more flavor into a dish. 

You can infuse lots of things into salts coffee, citrus (for margaritas), herbs, I've even heard of a chef infusing salts with crawfish. 

Like I said earlier, people are going to judge you on this one...

Now you have a friend in the diamond business!

Sidenote: I might be posting a Coffee Infused Salt Caramel recipe pretty soon, so keep an eye out!

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