I've been insanely busy so I haven't had much time to blog lately. But here it is my travel blog post to Cape Arago State Park.

Cape Arago is right next to two other state parks, Shore Acres and Sunset Bay. Why they don't combine the two? I don't know. But these three state parks are probably the best in the state, probably I haven't been to ALL the state parks in Oregon (yet).

Shore Acres State Park is located on the grounds of an old estate built back in the 1900s. But the house burnt down twice and now only the gardens remain.

Also this non-regulation tennis court still stands like 20 feet from a cliff. 

Sweet condo I bought while I was over there.

I'm gonna eat this uni one day!

Found an orca tooth on the beach!

It can go from sunny to cloudy, back to sunny then to cloudy again all day long. It's a beautiful park, but bring your shorts, windbreaker, and raincoat if you visit! If you're looking for a weekend trip I recommend this place. 

Also a trip to the coast wouldn't be complete without some seafood! Check out my salmon stick omelette recipe!