Okay, so oysters, and the Oregon Coast have nothing to do with why I stopped food blogging, but I figured it's as good as anything to use as a background to tell that story. 

It was unplanned, but I ended up at the same Oregon State Park as my last Oregon Food Adventure. 

The reason I stopped blogging is plain and simple, I needed a break. My cooking blog was something fun I worked on when I needed a fun and creative outlet. Then it stopped being fun, it started becoming a chore, something I had to do to keep up a certain part of my identity I had created. 

There's a reason why your favorite band, author, or artist sometimes takes years to come out with something new. Creativity it's always a bottomless well. Sometimes you need to let your creativity aquifers refill.

After stepping away from the blog for a while I feel refreshed and reengaged with the subject matter. From now on I will be incorporating some sort of foraged element in all my recipes, which means they'll be highly seasonal and I'll be posting less often due to the nature of what's in season.

Los loves his oysters.

Let's get back to Oysters, the real focus of this post. They require no cooking, they're the complete snack or an entire meal if you eat enough of them. I figured they'd be a nice gentle transition back into cooking blogging. Sure I could have just posted about these delicious oysters from Chuck's Seafood in Charleston, Oregon, but I decided to grill them in a unique way with a foraged ingredient in this new recipe. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling here's Los dog at Cape Arago being a weirdo.