First of all I want to make a quick shoutout to all the chefs, wineries, breweries, distilleries, food makers and everyone else who put all the Feast activities together.  Instead of listing out every single person/business who was involved with Feast (that would take up the entire internet. Science.) Just take a look at the Feast website to get an idea of all the amazing people who were a part of Feast 2014.

Feast isn't just about eating and drinking so much that you wish you were a plant so you never have to eat again. Great metaphor right? Did I mention that I majored in English? It's about supporting some great causes and raising awareness of hunger in Oregon and America. Yes, in Portland even our charity events are ironic. Eating so much you can't move to help end hunger. That's my kind of charity. All the net profits from Feast are donated to No Kid Hungry & Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, which you can donate to right now and should! 

Who doesn't love instagram photos of food? Shameless self-plug, you can follow me on instagram here

The sandwich invitational was incredible. So many sandwiches! 13 different sandwiches. I disappointed myself and the country when I was only able to eat 10 sandwiches. My personal favorite was of course made by  Chef Bonnie Morales of Kachka

The Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting was amazing. Soooo much good food, beer and wine. 

Meat! From Olympic Provisions!

Spicy jelly>non-spicy jelly from 3 Little Figs

Chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast showing the crowed how to properly cook a pork roast at the KitchenAid demo stage. Hey KitchenAid if you're done with those appliances in the back there I'll take them off your hands. 

Brunch! Booze! Breakfast Tacos! Three of my favorite things! The Brunch Village was definitely in my top 3 favorite events of the weekend. I didn't try Chef Aaron Franklin from Franklin Barbeque's breakfast tacos, because there was a line out the entrance of the event for three hours straight! I guess I'll have to go back to making my own breakfast tacos (Option 1 & 2). 

Whole Foods even had a BYOBM, which doesn't actually stand for THAT (what are you 12?) It stands for Build Your Own Bloody Mary. 

It's a good thing EggSlut is in LA or else I would eat there every day, because I'm not ashamed to say it, I too am a proud egg slut! This Kimchi Fried Rice wins the award for most creative/best presentation of any foodstuffs from the entire festival. You're presented a beautifully crafted egg dish served in a tin canister with a poached eggs sitting on top of a pillow of rice surrounded by pears, bacon, kimchi sauce and spices. Then gently you place the lid on the can and shake as hard as you can like a crazy person. Opening the lid reveals a perfectly mixed & seasoned "fried" rice dish. 

Butcher & Bee is now my radar if I'm ever in Charleston after I tried this smoked lamb neck, geechie boy grits, okra & harissa jus.

Yes, that's a Gin Fizz slushie machine. Yes, I'm already planning to install one in my living room. If I left anyone out it's only because there was so much good stuff! See everyone next year at Feast! 

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