Tiny salty fish for the win!

Tiny salty fish for the win!

I've wrote about Kachka in the past. I'm obviously a fan. Last night at the Feast Portland Sandwich Invitational proved once again that Russian cuisine can be so much more than vodka and cold beet soup. 

For being the first sandwich I tried it was also the best sandwich of the night. In my opinion and the opinion of the judges. Oh did I mention that Chef Bonnie Morales of Kachka won the Judge's Choice award? Because she did and it was worthy of winning the favor of the judges. 

The people's choice award went to Salt &Straw. That could have been assumed given that every time I drive past any of their locations there's a line out the door.  It was the best dessert PB&J topped with ice cream I've ever had I'll give them that.

The Cooking with BS award for showmanship has to go to Bunk Sandwiches though. I think he's a carrot?



He'll be at the Moda Center next week folks!