Pumpkin Pie is the number one dessert to have on Thanksgiving, but here are some fun facts that you might not know about this popular treat. 

  1. There was no Pumpkin Pie at the first Thanksgiving, because Pilgrims didn't believe in food with flavor.
  2. During the Great Depression Pumpkin Pie was made with pumpkin. What else would they use a pumpkin for?
  3. Vegan Pumpkin Pies are also referred to as 'garbage'.
  4. Eating one whole Pumpkin Pie is one serving of vegetables.  
  5. Try eating a pumpkin as an apple. I dare you.
  6. If you eat one slice of Pumpkin Pie every day for a year you'll become diabetic.
  7. Though your aunt Shirley claims to make the "best Pumpkin Pie on the planet" I have my doubts.
  8. The movie "American Pie" was not based on a Pumpkin Pie.
  9. Some people would say that pecan pie is better than Pumpkin Pie, they're correct.
  10. Flavor developers at Starbucks have never tasted Pumpkin Pie.
  11. Each year Americans eat enough Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving to regret eating that last slice.
  12.  Some people mask the flavor of Pumpkin Pie by drowning their slices in whipped cream.