What is this? What am I doing here? No, I'm not talking about that image colorful vegetation above, I'll explain that later. I've been thinking a lot lately about what this blog is and why do I continue to work on it. Cooking with B.S. just hit its third anniversary. After spending that long on a creative project you need to step back at least once, or twice, and look back see what you've done and decide what's next. 

Instead of just charging forward blindly without a real theme or method to this madness, I've decided to narrow what I cook, share and write about on Cooking with B.S. My favorite part of this blog and cooking in general has been experimenting with different recipes, unique ingredients, and scrapping the idea of "traditional" food. Cooking is an art, a craft, life, science, the end result gives us energy and most importantly it should be fun and accessible. So long story short this blog will now focus on unique ways to look at food either being the technique or the ingredients. 

You're probably thinking, 'hey Mr. Too Good For Regular Tubers, purple potatoes aren't that unique I've seen them down at the local Super Walmart.' Well that's not the unique ingredient in this recipe Dumb Dumb, it's the sea beans. 

That's right sea beans. A succulent that grows on the beach. It has a salty taste to them so when sauteing them all you need is a little oil, lemon juice, and a bit of pepper. Once again DO NOT eat foraged plants unless you know exactly what they are! Oh and make sure they aren't covered in seagull shit. 

Notice how all the ingredient images look all dark and moody, but once combined, BOOM! They turn into a bright and colorful dish?! As you can tell my liberal arts degree is paying off. 

Baked Potato "Salad"

  • Baked Fingerling Potatoes
  • Sauteed Sea Beans
  • Garden Herbs
  1. Really all this recipe (and most fine dining) just involves arranging the ingredients in an artful manner. 
  2. Since some of you are going to ask the herbs I used were nasturtiums, cilantro seed pods (coriander), pea shoots, and oregano buds. No salt, the sea beans bring all the salt you need. 
  3. Enjoy!

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