Now days you get a monthly subscription to almost anything from razors, produce, beauty products, and now even ice cream. If you live in the greater Portland area King Creamery will deliver their monthly flavors of ice cream to you. Yes the flavors change every month, yes it's worth it. A) you get to try new flavors of ice cream every month, who doesn't love that. B) it's convenient, and C) you don't have to wait in line, like you would at that "other" ice cream place. 

I was lucky enough to try three different King Creamery flavors; Marionberry Pie, Blueberry Muffin, and S'mores Ice Cream. As far as my favorites go? I think it's a three way tie. Though I really enjoyed the Marionberry Pie one, it was the perfect summer ice cream!

I would highly recommend trying their ice cream and service out for at least one month. August's flavors sound pretty good! Enjoy!