An artist's rendering of me drunkenly stealing items from a Whole Foods. 

Ah, The Bite of Oregon, a food festival that's been going on for over 30 years now. I had a chance to preview the event today at a media preview day. It seems like a great event to go to this weekend if you're looking for something to do, and all proceeds go to Special Olympics Oregon, which is a pretty good reason to go to this event. 

The stand that stands out in my mind is the Dia De Los Tacos stand from Crave Catering, followers of my Instagram might recognize them from that seafood boil I went to a while back. They know what they're doing give em a try!

Watermelon three ways from Crave Catering! See that mixer? They're using liquid nitrogen to freeze watermelon into popsicles! They also have watermelon juice and frozen slices of watermelon. 

See that machine he's using? It can cook a grilled cheese in under 30 seconds! 

Seats awaiting butts for the Chef's Table events this weekend. 

ChefStable let one of their Chefs out its stable to make us some sockeye topped with bone marrow butter. That's right BONE MARROW BUTTER, which is now something I'm going to start putting in everything including my morning coffee. 

Oh look! A "pub" from Roseburg came up and decided to serve traditional pub food like, Asian Rice Bowls, Deep Fried Fudge and Redacted Tacos. 

Being Portland of course there's a beer tent. You'll need some to wash down that deep fried fudge.