In my professional opinion, citrus always makes things more delicious. Okay, not always but like 87% of the time it helps. Grapefruit mixes well with most cocktail recipes (or at least my favorites) so it seemed like a natural choice for a vodka infusion post. Infusing alcohols may sound like a fancy and scary idea, but it's a really simple thing to do. Add stuff to vodka, let it sit, remove the stuff, then drink the vodka. It's so easy, 94% of your high school graduating class could figure it out. 

Grapefruit Infused Vodka 

  • Zest from 1 Grapefruit
  • 20 oz. Vodka
  1. Zest a grapefruit with a microplane add to an air-tight glass container containing 20 oz of vodka.
  2. Store overnight (about 12 hours). 
  3. When you're ready to have your morning screwdriver(that's right I mix my citruses) strain the vodka through a sieve to remove the zest. Using a funnel pour the vodka into a bottle for use in any citrus-based cocktail. 
  4. Enjoy (responsibly)