This post is only slightly food based, so I'm sorry if your evening plans included food porn from my blog. If your evening plans do include sexy food images, then I don't want to know what happens in the privacy of your own home.

This post is more of a menu appreciation post. I found this old menu in some of my great aunt's stuff. There's just something about it that appeals to me. It's a combination of the typography, their use of space on the menu, and just the overall simplicity of the entire thing.

I'm guessing this menu is from the 50's or 60's, I'm sorry the carbon dating lab is closed on weekends and I didn't want to wait until I got the lab results in to publish this post. Also, there's a holiday this week and it just would have taken forever for them to mail me the results, so my guess is the best you're going to get for now.

The food on this menu though is definitely old fashioned. I mean "cold pork or beef," "hamburger steak," "breaded veal cutlets," and "hot beef sandwich"(which was NOT my nickname in high school). Also their specialty is potato doughnuts!? You never see that anywhere today.

When I open my restaurant I am going to take a page out of this menu, figuratively of course.