I never thought I would get into bread baking. It's something that has never interested me, mainly it's because most homemade bread and most bread in general tastes like shit. It was always grainy and had a weird texture.

Like a lot of people I spent the better part of the other weekend watching Michael Pollan's new show on Netflix. It's all about how we went from cooking over a fire to eating the over-processed stuff most people shovel into their mouths. Long story short you should watch it. 

In the show he makes some sourdough from scratch with his own starter. I thought to myself I should make some of that, mainly because it looked so good and I've never made bread from scratch before. 

My whole thing with home cooking is that it should be fun and don't take it too seriously, so I figured it was about time to tackle bread. 

There's no recipe to this post, because I used Michael Pollan's recipe. Though I followed it loosely. This post is more about encouraging you, yes you to attempt something new in the kitchen. Try a new recipe, try using a new ingredient. 

Bread is fun and easy to make and it only has a few ingredients. Give it a try.