The flower in my drink means I'm a man

Lots of good wine and lots of good food pretty much sums up this event. I've never been so full in my life! 

This release party for Woven Wineworks took place at The Picnic House, which is a great restaurant in downtown Portland. Yes they do have a bear head on the wall with a monocle and a bowler hat. No I didn't take a picture. 

The evening started off with martinis (Pictured above). After a night of drinking wine I forget what was in it, but it was very tasty!

After the martinis, we were all seated and what goes well with martinis? Wine of course! Pinot Gris to be exact. And a beautiful charcuterie board filled with various meats and cheeses.

Up next was salads chicken Caesar skewers and a green salad featuring candied almonds and pickled berries. I'm totally stealing that idea and adding pickled blueberries to everything now. 

More wine.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese. Toast. No not the eating kind of toast, but a few speeches by the owners.

More wine followed by tenderloin, roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes with summer truffles and gravy.  And if you didn't think that was enough food there was of course dessert!

Wandering over to the new addition to The Picnic House, Barlow, which is a new bar located right next door! We found Chocolate chip cookies, s'mores brownies, and mini pavlova. And dessert wouldn't dessert without of course champagne! 

I highly recommend checking out Woven Wineworks, The Picnic House and Barlow whenever you get the opportunity!