It's healthy because it comes with gauc

An ode to sketch Mex.

We all have a neighborhood 24-hour Mexican restaurant. You know the one. It's the place where you go after a night a of drinking, where the menu is above the register and filled with pictures of food. No not Taco Bell. This is the place that Taco Bell wishes it was.

Sure more "traditional" Mexican restaurants don't feature fries topped with carne asada or potato filled burritos. These culinary innovations are what makes sketch mex what it is. 

The salsa bar. Oh the salsa bar! Where there's no chipotle salsa or pico de gallo. Just red & green salsa that comes in two flavors: mild and hot. Oh I can't forget about the pickled carrots spicy and just in the middle of being crunchy and soft. They're the perfect snack when you need to take a breather from eating your carnitas chimichanga. 

So instead of going to Taco Bell and shoving some new cheese injected Doritos product into your mouth hole, be a responsible drunk person and do the right thing. Get sketch Mex instead. 


A quick thanks to my sister for coming up with the term "Sketch Mex"